How does Polar Loop 2 track steps?

Polar Loop 2 has a 3D digital acceleration sensor to measure your wrist movement. The frequency, intensity and irregularity of your movements are registered and used to estimate the number of steps.

I’ve not been walking. Why does Polar Loop 2 give me more steps?

Polar Loop 2 reads your wrist movement and updates steps reading once a minute. It registers steps even if you’re e.g. swimming and not taking any actual steps. You can take many steps in a minute and only notice the changes in step readings later. For example, your activity before going to your car could be added by the time you check your steps reading.

If you wear Polar Loop 2 in your dominant hand, you will get more steps because the dominant arm tends to move more than your non-dominant arm when you are not taking any actual steps.

Does it make a difference which hand I my Polar Loop 2 on?

Polar Loop 2 is designed to be worn in your non-dominant wrist. If you wear it on your dominant hand, you’ll get a bigger steps reading because in every-day chores your dominant hand will naturally do many more small moves compared to your non-dominant hand.

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