How does Polar Loop 2 LED display work?

Polar Loop 2 has a capacitive touch button. Polar Loop back case needs to touch your skin for the button to react to your touch. If you wear Polar Loop 2 when you’re showering or bathing, warm water will light up the LED display. No need to worry though, your Polar Loop 2 is water-resistant and can be worn under water.

If you want to browse the display views on your Polar Loop without wearing it, touch the custom USB connector on the inside while tapping the touch button.

Polar Loop 2 display doesn’t light up when I touch the button. What’s happening?

  • Make sure you’ve connected the activity tracker with your computer and completed the setup before starting to use it.
  • Wear Polar Loop on your wrist or place your finger on the custom USB cable connector and then touch the button.
  • Check that the battery is not empty: connect Polar Loop 2 to a computer or a wall charger with the USB cable.
  • If the Polar Loop 2 touch button is wet, has steam or frost on it, it will probably respond to your touch with less sensitivity than in dry indoor conditions. Instead of a quick forefinger touch, you may have to use your thumb to cover more surface. You may also have to wait until the surface has dried off completely.
  • It’s also possible that if you’ve not worn or used your Polar Loop 2 for a long time, it might take a while for the button to start working. In that case, wear the activity tracker on your wrist for some time and try again later.

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