How do I wear my M200?

Read the tips below to ensure that your M200 functions optimally during training.

Tight for training

To get accurate heart rate readings, you need to wear the M200 snugly on top of your wrist, just behind the wrist bone. The sensor must be in firm skin contact, but not too tight to prevent blood flow.

Loosen after training

Loosen the wristband a bit after training for a more comfortable fit and to let your skin breathe.

Wash and dry after training

After a sweaty training session, we recommend that you remove the device from the wristband and wash them separately under running water with a mild soap and water solution. Then wipe them dry with a soft towel.


Every once in a while it’s a good idea to let your wrist have a breather, especially if you have sensitive skin. Take off your running watch and recharge it. This way both your skin and your device can have a rest and be ready for your next training session.

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