How do I sync my Polar Loop 2 with the Polar Flow app for Android?

Follow these steps to sync your Android device:

  1. Start the Polar Flow app and it will start to scan for your activity tracker. 
    On the status bar of your Android device the scanning icon becomes active: 
  2. Tap the button on your Polar Loop 2 to start the synchronization.
    The syncing icon becomes active: 
    Notice that the sync may take a while, even minutes, if you’ve got several days’ worth of data in your activity tracker.
  3. When the sync is complete, the sync icon disappears and the activity clock view comes alive with your activity data:

    If the sync somehow fails to succeed, the following icon appears on the status bar: 

    Try again and if it still doesn’t work, see Syncing data between Polar Loop 2 and Polar Flow app fails. What should I do?.

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