How do I start using my M600?

You’ll need a compatible mobile device

You can visit on your phone to see if it’s compatible with Wear OS by Google.

Android phone users need to make sure that the Google Play services and Google Search apps on your phone are up to date.

Set up the smartwatch

You'll need your phone's Bluetooth to be turned on, and your phone needs to be connected to the Internet. The setup process includes pairing your M600 with the Wear OS mobile app and activating the Polar app on your smartwatch.

For a succesful setup, follow the quick setup instructions from the

For more detailed setup instructions, see the

Update the software

After you’ve setup your M600, you’ll need to update the system software on your smartwatch.

You’ll also need to make sure you have the latest version of the Polar app on your smartwatch and of the Wear OS and Polar Flow mobile apps on your paired phone. This FAQ helps you update all the software related to your M600.

See this FAQ to find out what the latest versions of the software related to your M600 are.

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