How do I heart rate train with Polar Loop 2?

Polar Loop 2 activity bracelet tracks your moves and accumulates your active time. Add a heart rate sensor, and you get even more information about your training, such as heart rate in beats per minute and the main effect of your training; whether it’s burning fat or improving fitness. Also, you can track your cycling sessions much more accurately. When you wear a heart rate sensor, it shows up in the Polar Flow web service as a training session after you've synced your data.

Which heart rate sensor should I use with Polar Loop 2?

Polar Loop 2 uses Bluetooth Smart transmission. It's compatible with Polar OH1, H10, H7 and H6 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other manufacturers' Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors at this time.

I have Polar H6 / H7 sensor. Can I use it with both Polar Loop 2 and Beat app?

Both Polar Loop 2 and Polar Beat are compatible with Polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors. You can use the same sensor with both of them, but not at the same time. You must have at least a two two-minute break between the sessions, so that you can pair the sensor with another device. To stop sensor transmission, remove the sensor from the chest strap.

Polar Loop 2 is not showing my heart rate. Now what?

  • Make sure you're wearing a heart rate sensor that works with Polar Loop 2: either Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth Smart.
  • Make sure the electrode areas of the heart rate sensor strap are moistened. How to wear a heart rate sensor with a textile strap.
  • Make sure the heart rate sensor is correctly paired with Polar Loop 2:

    - Wear the sensor.

    - Bring your Polar Loop 2 right next to the sensor and tap the touch button.

    - Wait until the LED display turns off, and then wait a couple of seconds until the text PAIRED scrolls on the display.

    If pairing doesn't work the first time, please try again in 30 seconds and make sure there are no textiles between Polar Loop 2 and the heart rate sensor.

    When pairing, make sure you are far (10 m/ 33 ft) from other Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor users. You only need to pair the sensor once.
  • Make sure your Polar Loop 2 is not in flight mode.

  • Have you tried to reset the Polar Loop 2 Bluetooth?
  • Have you tried to stop the heart rate training session and start a new one?

    - Remove the heart rate sensor from the strap.

    - Wait 30 seconds.

    - Place the sensor back.

    - Tap the Polar LoopPolar Loop 2 touch button.
  • If you have H7, have you tried to reset the sensor by the taking the battery out for 6 minutes?
  • Is your heart rate sensor battery empty? Have you tried changing the battery? See the instructions video for H7.

    - Battery lifetime of Polar H6 is about 300 hours.

    - Battery lifetime of Polar H7 is about 200 hours.
  • Is your Polar Loop 2 battery almost empty? If the display shows CHARGE when tapping the button, you can’t start a new heart rate sensor training session and any on-going one will stop.
  • Is your Polar Loop 2 syncing data with the Polar Flow mobile app? You can't start a new training session with a heart rate sensor when Polar Loop 2 is syncing data with the app. Wait until the syncing sign disappears before starting a training session.

  • Is the heart rate sensor in contact with any other devices via Bluetooth?
  • Have you tried turning Bluetooth off and on from your phone? You might even try and power down your phone completely and turn it back on, if the Bluetooth acts up on your phone.
  • Have you checked you have the latest firmware in your Polar Loop 2? When you connect it to your computer, Polar FlowSync tells you if there's an update for it. If you use our mobile app, we suggest you keep it up-to-date too by checking it on the app store on your phone.

If any of the above mentioned didn't solve the problem, please contact your local Polar customer care.

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