How do I change the wristband of my M600?

Removing and replacing the wristband of your M600 is very simple. It's a good idea to separate the wristband from the device after each training session and to rinse them both under running water in order to keep the M600 clean.

To remove the wristband:

  1. Bend the wristband from both sides, one side at a time, to detach it from the device. It's easiest to remove the side closest to the charging port first.

  2. Pull the device from the wristband.

To attach the wristband:

  1. Set one end of the device in its place.
  2. Gently pull from the opposite side of the wristband to get it over the other end of the device.
  3. Make sure the band fits flush with the device, both front and back.


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