How can I compare my training targets with training results in M600?

With Polar training targets you can analyze whether or not you performed your training as you planned.

Create personal training targets for yourself in the Polar Flow app or in the Polar Flow web service and sync them to the Polar app on your M600. Train according to the target following the guidance on your device. Your training result is automatically merged with your training target when your training is synced to Polar Flow.

Check out the examples below to learn more.

Quick Target

For example, run 40 minutes, run 7 kilometers or burn 300 calories.

Open the training result in your Polar Flow DIARY to check how you did.

Run 40 minutes: You did it. You ran 42 minutes and 1 second which is 105 % of your target.

Run 10 kilometers: It was pretty close. You ran 8,53 kilometers, which is 85 % of your target.

Burn 500 calories: You managed to burn the 500 calories. Target reached 100 %.

Phased Target

Split your training into phases and create a different duration and intensity target for each of them.

See the examples below of performed phased trainings in Polar Flow.

1) Planned Warm-up phase, train 10 minutes in heart rate zones 1-3

2) Time spent in heart rate zones 1-3 9 minutes 53 seconds, which is nearly as planned.

Hover your mouse over the curve to see the x-axis and y-axis values at a certain phase of your training. You'll also see your location on the map.

Select a phase from the list to see its details. The phase is highlighted on the map and the curve.


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