How can I use GPS in my training sessions?

A370 can use the GPS from your mobile phone to read the speed, pace and the route of your outdoor training sessions. You can see the route only in the Flow app and in the Flow web service after your session. You need to keep your mobile with you during the sessions.

Note that the accuracy of the recorded location depends on the accuracy on the mobile phone GPS. It may vary depending on the mobile device you use.

To start using it, you need your mobile to have GPS, Polar Flow app installed in it and give Flow app permission to use the mobile’s location. You only need to do this once, the first time you use it. On subsequent training sessions, you don’t need to give your permission anymore, just keep your mobile with you. 

To enable GPS via mobile:

  1. Go outside with your mobile and A370.
  2. Open Flow app and keep the mobile next to your A370.
  3. Go to Training on your A370 and navigate to an outdoor sport.
  4. The circle around the GPS icon begins to rotate and you’ll get a popup requesting the use of the mobile’s location.
  5. Tap the link to open settings on iOS and navigate to Privacy > Location Services > Polar Flow. Change the option to Always. On Android, the menu path is Settings > Location >
  6. The GPS icon next to the A370 sport icon becomes static when your location is found. 


Additional tips for better GPS recording:

  • You need to have paired your A370 with the Polar Flow app on your mobile phone.
  • If you’ve paired your A370 with an Android phone, make sure the Location mode under location settings is set to High accuracy.
  • Make sure you have set the date, time and time zone correctly on your phone. If possible, use the automatic setting.
  • Make sure the battery saver option is not enabled on your phone.
  • You must have your phone with you during the training session.
  • Go outdoors before you open the Training menu and the A370 starts to search for the GPS signal.
  • From the list of sport profiles on your A370, choose an outdoor sport so it supports GPS-tracking. You’ll know it’s an outdoor sport profile when there’s a GPS icon on the bottom right side of the sport icon.
  • Before you start recording the training session, make sure the circle around the GPS icon stops rotating. That means the connection between your phone and the A370 works and your location is found.
  • Carry your phone on the same side of your body as you wear the A370.
  • Don’t use other sports applications on your phone at the same time as they may cause interference. Even taking a photo or answering a phone call may interfere with the GPS recording. You can also close the Polar Flow app if your phone is having performance issues.
  • Don’t use other Bluetooth devices, such as headphones, with your phone while recording the training session.
  • Make sure the internet connection on your phone works properly during the whole training session. The phone’s GPS uses the internet connection.
  • The GPS works best when you keep away from tall buildings, trees and other obstructions that might block the GPS satellite signal.

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