My training data won’t sync from the M200 to the Polar Flow app. What can I do?

Make sure location is enabled for Polar Flow app in the phone's application settings. On Android 6 and newer devices, location permission is needed to scan for Bluetooth devices.

If you have several Flow app compatible Polar devices in use, make sure you have chosen M200 as the active device in the Android Flow app. This way Flow app knows to connect to your watch. In the Flow app, go to Devices and choose M200, and then return to the main menu.

Your M200 must be paired with Flow app to be able to sync with it. See another FAQ for instructions on how to pair your M200 with a mobile device.

To successfully sync your M200 with the Polar Flow app, make sure the app and M200 are both up to date:

  • Check from the App store or Google Play that you’ve got the latest version of the app installed.
  • Flow app or FlowSync will tell you if there’s a firmware update available for your running watch.

To sync:

  1. Make sure you have Flow app running on your mobile device at least in the background.
  2. Press and hold the LEFT button on your M200. You’ll Searching, Connecting, Syncing and Completed on the M200 display during and after a successful sync.
  3. You can see your synced activity, sleep and training data in the Activity and Training views in the Flow app.

If you have trouble syncing, try these steps one at a time:

  • Turn Bluetooth off and on from your mobile device, and try to sync again.
  • Restart the mobile device and try to sync again.
  • Remove the Bluetooth pairing from your mobile Android or iOS device settings, and remove the existing Bluetooth pairings from your M200:
    • On the M200, go to Settings > Pair & sync > Remove pairings, and press and hold the RIGHT button.
    • Delete pairings? is displayed. Press the RIGHT button to confirm.
    • Pairings deleted is displayed when you're done.
    • After removing the Bluetooth pairing you need to pair the devices again.
  • As a last resort, uninstall Flow app from your mobile Android or iOS device, reset your M200 and set up your M200 again.


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