Free Multisport sport profile – How does it work?

In free multisport, you can choose what sports you perform, and in which order you perform them by selecting them from the sport list. You can also switch back and forth between sports. For example, you could start off by running, then switch to strength training, then to cycling and finish your session with running.

Before starting a multisport training session, make sure that you have set the sport profile settings for each of the sports that you are going to use for the training session. For more information, see How can I edit sport profiles in Polar Flow?.

Free multisport profile on Grit X / Pacer / Vantage

How to start a multisport training session

  1. Press BACK to enter the main menu, choose Start training, and scroll down to Multisport.
  2. Press OK and choose the sport you want start off with.
  3. Once your watch has found all the signals, press OK. Recording started is displayed and you can start training.

How to switch sport during a multisport session

  1. Press BACK to go to transition mode.
  2. Choose your next sport, and press OK (your transition time is shown) and continue training.

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