Different product modes with Polar G1 GPS sensor

The current Polar G1 GPS sensor is compatible only with Polar FT80/FT60/RS300X training computers. However, there is another, earlier version of the same G1 GPS sensor. A limited number of them were manufactured before 2009. This earlier version has two available modes. To be able to use it with your training computer, you need to make sure it is in the correct mode.

The earlier G1 GPS sensor (with two product modes) has P6 marked in the serial code as the 5-6th character.

Mode 2 works with Polar FT60, FT80 and RS300X.

To change between Mode 1 and Mode 2

  1. Activate the sensor.
  2. Press and hold the button for the duration of ten battery indicator led flashes.
  3. G1 satellite indicator led flashes four times as an indication that the mode is changed.

Four RED flashes = Mode 1 in use.
Four GREEN flashes = Mode 2 in use.
Ten GREEN flashes to change the product mode.

When you turn the G1 GPS sensor on, the satellite indicator flashes two times to indicate the mode used. Two red led flashes = Mode 1 is active. Two green led flashes = Mode 2 is active.

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