Connecting Polar Flow with Apple Health

Starting from version 2.2, the Polar Flow app for iOS is compatible with Apple’s Health app. There you can collect and view health-related data from compatible apps and devices.

  1. Install or update the Polar Flow app from the Apple’s App Store and start the app. Health Access view opens up the first time you start the app.
  2. Allow Polar Flow access to write and read data within the Health app. Toggle the buttons to the right as in the picture below: 

    Allowing Polar Flow to read data keeps the data in sync with what you’ve synced before so that you don’t get duplicate entries in the Health app. No actual data from the Health app is transferred back to the Flow app.
  3. Tap Done and the Polar Flow app opens. 

Anytime you want to disconnect from Apple Health, open the Health app, tap Sources, select Polar Flow and toggle the buttons to the left.


For more information on connecting with Polar, see here.

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