Club member FAQs

Can I sign up for classes with my mobile?

Yes, you can. The Polar Flow web service also works with mobile browsers.

Can I use Polar Club with my own Polar training device?

The Polar Club app is compatible with several Polar heart rate sensors and fitness trackers. Please see the list of compatible Polar heart rate sensors and fitness trackers on the support page. Polar Club can show your heart rate data simultaneously with your Polar training device if you choose one of the indoor sport profiles for the training session. If you have problems getting your heart rate on the screen, make sure that the Heart rate visible to other device feature is set on in the sport profile settings. You can check this from the training device or from the Flow web service.

The Heart rate visible to other devices feature enables broadcasting the heart rate signal to the Polar Club system. To edit the sport profiles of your Polar device in Polar Flow web service, click your name/profile photo in the upper right corner and choose Sport profiles. Click Edit under the sport you want to edit.​

Why should I purchase my own Polar heart rate sensor?

Polar H7/H10 heart rate sensors can connect to Bluetooth® enabled devices such as many Polar products and compatible gym equipment. Therefore, you can use the heart rate sensor in your own training with compatible Polar training device, Polar Beat mobile application or gym equipment, and save your training data in the Polar Flow web service.

Where is my data stored and who can access it?

Your training data is saved on the gym's iPad during a class. After the instructor ends the class, your training data is saved in the Polar Flow web service where you can view it at any time. Your training data is stored in the Polar Club app for 30 days for the Club personnel's use. The data is used in the Polar Club web service for different kinds of reports and summaries. Other members are not able to see your data.

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