Can I use my A370 as a heart rate sensor with another product?

Yes, you can use it as a HR accessory to a Bluetooth compatible device or app. For instance, you can use it with a mobile sports app, like Polar Beat or cycling computer like Polar M460, if for example you’d like to follow your training session on a larger display during cycling. The device or app must be able to read Bluetooth HR profile that A370 sends.

Make sure that the Polar Flow app is closed on your phone when using your A370 as a sensor with the Polar Beat app.

Here's how you turn the HR sensor mode on:

  1. Go to Settings on the main menu.
  2. Tap the HR sensor mode icon . You’ll get a confirmation message and the A370 begins to measure your heart rate and is available for Bluetooth pairing.
  3. Pair the A370 with the HR receiving device just like you would with another Bluetooth accessory. Here’s how you do it with Polar Beat iOS and Android.
  4. When your heart rate has been found, it’s displayed on the A370 display and when you’ve paired the A370 with the HR receiving device, the ring around the Bluetooth logo becomes static.
  5. Start your training session with the HR receiving device.

Remember, A370 does not record your training session now, it only sends your HR to the receiving device. And only if your receiving device is Flow compatible and registered to your Flow account, will it show in your Flow diary.

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