A370 with Polar Balance

How to pair A370 with the Polar Balance scale

  1. Step on the scale, the display shows your weight.
  2. After a beep sound, the Bluetooth icon starts flashing on the scale display. It is now ready to be paired with your A370.
  3. Press and hold the side button until Searching is displayed on the A370 display. When the scale is found, accept the pairing request.

How to sync your weight to A370

  1. Step on the scale, the display shows your weight.
  2. After a beep sound, first wake up the A370 display by pressing the side button. Then tap* the side button shortly and wait. It may take a while until your weight is shown on the display.
  3. Accept the weight update.

*When your A370 display is on, a short tap is enough to start the sync. If Searching is displayed on A370 you pressed the side button for too long and the weight sync will not work. In this case, step off the scale and start again.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection

If you lose the connection between the scale and your A370,

  1. Reset the scale by removing and replacing batteries from it. 
  2. Reset Bluetooth connections from your A370. Go to Settings .
    Tap the Bluetooth icon and accept the reset confirmation.
  3. Pair the devices again.

If this does not help, reset factory settings also to your A370.

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