What do I get with Polar Beat?

Turn your smartphone into a fitness tracker with a Polar sensors and Polar Beat, our free training app. Train with live heart rate and real-time voice guidance, track your route and distance and get personalized feedback on every workout.

Please note that using Beat does not accumulate activity data.

Feature Without Polar account With Polar account With 3rd party HR sensor With Polar H10/H9 HR sensor With Polar OH1 HR sensor With Polar Stride sensor Bluetooth® Smart -- iOS ONLY
Track training sessions with distance, pace, route (GPS). X X X X X  
Track speed and distance from stride length.           X
Log all your training sessions, indoors or out, for a comprehensive training diary. X X X X X  
Share your training sessions with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Texts or email also supported. X X X X X  
Data saved to Polar Flow web service.   X        
More advanced training analysis and progress reports in Polar Flow web service.   X        

Choose your activity from 100+ sport profiles.

Real-time heart rate during training.     X X X  
Calories from training sessions.       X X  
Understand your training - see what you achieve with each workout (Training benefit).       X X  
Improve faster by training at the right intensity for most efficient workout (HR zones).       X X  
Choose what you want to achieve with training and get real-time voice guidance to achieve it (Benefit target).       X X  
Measure your fitness level in only 5 minutes while you lay down and relax. (Fitness Test)       X X  
Know how your running performance is developing (Running Index).       X X X
See the main effect of your workout in real-time - are you burning fat or improving fitness (Energy pointer).       X X  
Built-in memory to store your training sessions - train without smartphone.       X* X**  
Running cadence and stride lenght.           X


*Only with H10.

**Beat is not needed to record a training session.

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