How to use Polar ProTrainer 5 to delete exercises on a Polar product

  1. Go to Tools Edit Polar Product Settings or click to connect to your Polar product. A settings window opens.

  2. Delete all or some of the exercises on the Polar product.a) To delete all exercises:1. Make sure you are facing the Polar product to the interface you are using.2. Click Delete All on General page. (The appearance of the general page varies according to Polar product)Example 1. Deleting all exercises from Polar RS800.Example 2. Deleting all exercises from Polar S625X.b) To delete individual exercise(s): 1. Make sure you are connected to the Polar product.2. Go to General Exercises. Select the exercise(s) you wish to delete and click Delete. (You can also delete all exercises here by clicking Delete All.)

  3. Confirm the deletion.Deleted exercises appear with X in front of them in the list.

Once an exercise is deleted, there is no way in which you can restore it to your Polar product.