How to perform Polar Fitness Test with FT60

You can take the test anywhere. Make sure that your surroundings are peaceful. It is important to always perform the test in similar conditions and at the same time of day.

  1.  Wear the transmitter.
  2.  Lie down and relax for 1 - 3 minutes.
  3. Start test. Go to Menu  Applications  Fitness test → Start test.
  4. Press OK. Searching heart rate is displayed.
    The fitness test begins as soon as your training computer has located your heart rate. Lie relaxed, avoid body movements during the test (do not raise your arms or legs). Keep your arms on either side of your body. Avoid talking.
  5. Approximately 5 minutes later the training computer beeps and you will see you test result: the OwnIndex value and fitness level class.
  6. Press OK. Update VO2max? is displayed. Select
    - Yes to save the OwnIndex value in user information.
    - No if you don't want to update user information.
    The OwnIndex value is saved in the OwnIndex results of FT60.


If the fitness test fails, your earlier OwnIndex value is used.

The OwnIndex value affects the accuracy of the Polar STAR Training Program (in FT60) and calorie calculation during training.

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