How to delete unwanted data from an exercise

Sometimes it is necessary to delete unwanted data from an exercise. For example, if you have forgotten to end the recording, you can remove the zeros that are recorded at the end of the file.

To check your software version, go to Help About. Make sure that you have the latest version of the software on your computer. To run ProTrainer 5 automatic update, go to HelpCheck for Updates.
The Delete Selection option is available in all ProTrainer 5 versions.

Deleting unwanted data
1. Open the exercise by going to FileOpen Exercise or by double-clicking the curve miniature in the Training DiaryExercise page.2. Right-click below the curve area to remove current selections or right-click in the curve area and select Remove All Selections.

The blue bar under the X-axis disappears. Now you are free to select whichever time span you wish to delete.
3. Still below the curve area, point to the beginning of the time span you wish to delete. Then, press click and drag the left mouse button below the X-axis to select the wanted time span. A blue bar indicates the made selection.
4. Select EditDelete Selection, and confirm the removal.
You can cancel the removal by not saving the changes when closing the Curve view.

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