How to add HR limit swaps to curve view

If you exercise using Basic training mode, your heart rate (HR) limit swaps are not stored to exercise file. To store the swap you can:

1. Use the Interval training mode. Swap markers are automatically stored to file.2. Continue using the Basic training mode and, for example, take a lap time right before you change heart rate limits. This marks the swap in the exercise file. When the exercise is transferred to the software, you can add a limit swap manually in the curve view.

To manually add HR limit swaps:

1. Open the curve view.
2. You can add the HR limit swap in two ways:
a) Position the cursor on the curve where you would like to add the swap and press Ctrl + L. If you have taken a lap time, position the cursor on the lap time.HR Zone Swaps window opens.

Select the HR zone you wish to swap to and click OK.
b) Right-click on the curve and go to ZonesHR Zone Swaps New.
Enter the time where you want the HR zone swap to occur and click OK.

Select which HR zone you wish to swap to and click OK.

3. Repeat 2a or 2b as many times as you need.
If you do not see the HR zone swap in the curve view, go to Curve Properties → select Swap Markers. To see Color Target Areas change with the HR zone swap, go to Curve PropertiesShow Curve Elements → make sure you have selected HR Zone(s).

When you use different HR zones during an exercise, we recommend that you use Interval training mode. This way HR zone swaps are automatically shown in the software.

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