How to Move Exercise from a Person to Another

To move an exercise to another person, you will need to move the exercise file from the wrong person folder to the correct person folder. After this is done, you will need to attach the exercise file to the desired exercise in the Diary.

1. Browse to the person's year folder where the exercise file is located (you can use e.g. the Windows Explorer).
Please see Related Documents for personal data location.

You can find the person's year folders under the person folder. An exercise file has the .hrm extension. It is named according to the date when the file was created. The file name is based on the following format: yymmdd01.hrm, where y means the year, m the month, d the day and 01 the ordinal of the exercise for that day.

2. Copy the desired exercise file and paste it to the correct person's year folder (e.g. ...\Polar ProTrainer\Joe Average\2010).

3. In the Polar software open the Diary for the desired day.

4a. If no exercise exists in the Day Information page, click the Add New Exercise button.
4b. If there is an Exercise page with a wrong exercise file attached and you would like to change the attached exercise: Click the paper clip button in the lower right corner and select Remove currently attached exercise... to remove the link to the file.

The exercise file is not deleted from the hard disk; only the link to file will be removed.

5. Click the paper clip button in the lower right corner of the Exercise page and select Attach an Exercise.

6. Browse to the active person's year folder that includes the desired exercise file.

7. Select the correct exercise file and click the Open button. The selected exercise file is linked to the target exercise and the exercise information in the page is updated with the new exercise file.

You can remove the unnecessary exercise and the attached exercise file from the wrong person's Diary:
1. Select the correct person from OptionsSwitch Person.

2. At the bottom of the Exercise page, click Remove . Confirm the removing by answering Yes to ‘Are you sure you want to remove this exercise?’.

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