How to Import Students in a Batch

Activity and heart rate data is always connected to a student. You can either add students one by one or import them in a batch following the instructions below.
Importing is done by using either a text, CSV or XLS file.

Text or CSV file formatting

The first row of the file is for field names and it is not processed when the file is imported. The field names do not have to be same as in the samples. There is one line per a student in the text or CSV file. The information must be in the order shown below and it must be delimited by commas.

For example:

Student ID, Last Name, First Name, Gender(M or F), DOB(mm.dd.yyyy), Homeroom, Weight, Height

XLS file formatting

The first row of the file is reserved for field names and will not be imported. The information must be in the order shown below.

xlssample file.xls

Importing students with a file

  • Go to the School → Students tab.
  • Click Import below the student list.
  • Browse the text, CSV or XLS file from your computer.
  • Click Import.

You are notified when the import is successfully completed. You are automatically redirected to the Students tab and the new students can be found on the students list.

Usernames and passwords are automatically created for the imported students. After creating a course, print out a password list for the students in the course. Only automatically generated passwords are shown in the password sheet.

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