How to Create Training Plans

A Training Plan is made up of two or more individual exercise plans, which you can create in the software Training Diary.

To create and share a training plan

1. Start the Polar software and go to ToolsTraining PlanExport Training Plan.

2. Select the Date Range and click OK.

3. Save the training plan (*pplz) to, for example, your Library folder.
By default your Library folder is located at

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Polar ProTrainer\your name\Library
Windows Vista and 7: C:\Users\Public\Polar ProTraine\your name\Library

If you have ProTrainer 5 version 5.35.165 or earlier or if version 5.35.165 is updated via automatic updater, by default your Library folder is at: C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar ProTrainer\your name\Library.

4. A confirmation box appears. Click OK to go back to Training Calendar.
The plan can now be shared through e-mail, for example. See step 3 to remember where you stored the plan.

You can transfer training plans to the following products. The product will then guide you through the training session.

  • Polar CS600X
  • Polar RS800CX

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