How to Backup Exercise Data

The software allows you to make backup copies automatically or manually. When backing up your data, the software creates one or more *.zip files (contains exercise and daily data) and copies your *.ppd file (contains the personal data) to your Backup folder. Backup folder is located under personal folder. See Related Documents for further information about personal data location.

Backing up data automatically
An automatic backup is taken every 30 days from the previous backup.
To enable the automatic backup, go to OptionsPerson PropertiesAdvanced and select Backup data automatically.

You may want to store the backup *.zip and *.ppd files to e.g. a cd-rom or external hard drive for future access.
polarpersonalsettings.txt and PolarTestResults.txt files are not included in the backup. If you wish to back up your personal software settings and, for example, OwnOptimizer results, it is a good idea to copy these files to your backup location too.

Backing up data manually
If the automatic backing up schedule does not work for you, you can also back your data up manually.
Go to OptionsPerson PropertiesAdvanced and click Backup Now.
The active person's exercise/activity data is saved as a back-up copy. (The backing up is done to exercise data starting from year 1995 on.)

Restoring data
1. Go to OptionsPerson PropertiesAdvanced and click Restore.
2. Select the year of the data you would like to restore and click Restore.

The active person's exercise and activity data will be restored to the calendar.

If the restoring does not work, create the necessary year folders to the personal folder and unzip the *.zip files to the just-created year folders and paste the *.ppd file, polarpersonalsettings.txt and PolarTestResults.txt to the root of the personal folder.

If your computer crashes and you need to restore all your data to the computer:

1. Install the software.
2. Create a person with the same first and last names as the person whose data you wish to restore.
2. Copy the backup files (*.zip files) to the person's Backup folder.
If there is no Backup folder available, create a new folder in the person's folder and name it Backup (see picture above) and then paste the backup *.zip files in place.
3. In the Polar software, go to OptionsPerson PropertiesAdvanced and click Restore.

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