Polar S1 footpod FAQs

Is the S1 footpod heavy?

You can't feel it when once its attached to your shoe. Infact, you will struggle to figure
out (by feel) which shoe has the footpod on it once you put it on. The Polar S1 footpod is
built to last with robust water resistance, shock resistance and easy battery change while
still not reducing shoe comfort or running performance.

How accurate is the Running Computer?

Generally the Running Computer is at minimum 97% accurate even without calibration. The
accuracy increases to 99% with calibration. In relative terms, this accuracy is as good or
better than the accuracy provided by GPS. Interestingly, this degree of accuracy is
generally far better than what is seen on running treadmills. Have you ever heard of a
runner complain that a treadmill was not accurate enough for their training purposes?<

Do I need to re-calibrate my footpod everytime my foot pod or wrist unit battery is changed?

If you choose to calibrate your Polar S1 foot pod, the calibration factor will be stored in the permanent memory of the Running Computer. This calibration will be stored permanently, unless you decide to change if you calibrate, you only need to do it once.

Will the Polar S1 foot pod leak water?

Robust water-resistance and durability are key elements in the design of the Polar S1
foot-pod. It will survive immersion, wet running environments and continue to perform
reliably. However, the S1 was not designed for swimming or aqua-running so please do
not go swimming with it.

What is the foot pod battery lifetime?

The battery lifetime is 20 hours of use in average.

How do I know that the foot pod battery needs to be replaced?

When the green light on the foot pod turns red, you need to replace the battery. Replace the battery in case the foot pod does not start or the running speed shows 00 constantly.

Can I replace the battery myself? What battery should I use?

The foot pod is designed so that the user can replace the battery him/herself without tools.The battery type is AAA.

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