WebSync Synchronization Settings

1. Right-click WebSync icon on taskbar.
2. Select WebSync Settings.

3. Polar WebSync Settings window opens.
You can edit General, User and Network settings. After editing, click Save and Close.

General Settings

If Show synchronization process with a notification message box is ticked, WebSync informs the start and completion of the synchronization process with a small notification message on the bottom right corner of your computer screen. You can click the notification message to view the process in a window.

Click Clear WebSync memory to delete the paired training computers and saved login data from WebSync memory.

User Settings

To edit user settings, activate your training computer and connect it to your computer via FlowLink or DataLink data transfer unit.

For CS500 and RCX5 users: If you have not chosen WebSync to remember your username and password (ticked Remember me box) or if WebSync finds several training computers, a list of found training computers appears. Select your training computer and click Next or double-click your training computer on the list.

Accept connection "number" from your training computer "number" message appears.
Accept for pairing?/ Allow PC? and the connection number appears on your training computer display. Accept the connection by pressing OK on your training computer.

If you enter and save your username and password, next time you start WebSync synchronization starts without asking your account information. Synchronization starts after your training computer is found and connected. To remove your account information from the WebSync memory, delete your username and password and click Save.
You can select to open automatically after synchronization by ticking the box. If you have not yet registered at, click Click here to register link.

Network Settings

Direct connection to the internet
Choose this if you do not want to use any proxy.

Automatically detect network settings
This has been chosen as a default. Polar WebSync automatically uses the same network settings as e.g. your Internet browser.

Manual proxy settings
If Polar WebSync cannot find a proxy server, ask the HTTPS proxy server's IP address from your administrator and add the information to the fields.
If the proxy server requires user authentication you can enter username and password here.

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