Troubleshooting DataLink

Polar DataLink is a plug-in product. You computer should automatically recognize it without additional driver installation. Try these troubleshooting tips to enable connection.

1. Check that red light is flashing in DataLink device. If no light is flashing, check that Polar Daemon service is running.

a) In Windows if the computer does not recognize the USB device for some reason a notice USB Device not Recognized is shown in the computer taskbar.

Select Start (→ Settings) Control Panel Administrative Tools Services. Check that Polar Daemon status is Started.


If the status is not started, try to start it manually. Click the Start from the left column.

b) In Mac OS X go to Applications → Utilities → Activity Monitor → select All processes from the drop-down list and check if polard is in the list of running processes.
If polard is not in the list, uninstall Polar WebSync and Polar Daemon from your computer and reinstall WebSync software.

After installation go back to Applications → Utilities → Activity Monitor → select All processes from the drop-down list and check that polard is now running.

Close and restart WebSync software. Close WebSync by pressing right mouse button over WebSync icon in taskbar/menubar. Select Exit WebSync. Restart WebSync from desktop icon/Applications. Try data transfer again.

If the problem persists, please contact

2. Check that you have installed the latest Windows drivers correctly by opening the Device Manager.
On Windows XP: Start → Settings → Control panel → System → Hardware → Device Manager
On Windows Vista: Start → Control panel → System and Maintenance → Device Manager.
On Windows 7: Start → Control panel → Device Manager.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

3. In Windows Device Manager, go to Human Interface Devices → double click the correct HID-compliant device.

Picture 1. Device Manager on Windows XP.

Picture 2. Device Manager on Windows 7.


Windows Vista and Windows 7: To find DataLink from all the listed HID-compliant devices, please select Details tab. Select Hardware Ids from Property drop-drow list. Check device VID (vendor id) and PID (product id). DataLink has them as follows:


  • VID 0DA4

  • PID 0004

Check that the device is working properly.

Picture 3. Device Properties / Windows XP.

Picture 4. Device Properties / Windows 7.

If the USB Human Interface Device is marked with an error and device status states 'This device cannot start',
- try to plug the DataLink into another USB port
- use an USB extension cable or HUB.

If these do not help, click Troubleshoot. For error code explanations, see Microsoft Help and Support (e.g. Code 10-related errors / error codes generated by Device Manager in Windows XP Professional ).

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