How do I sync my data with

What gear do I need to sync?

The data transfer between RCX5/RCX3/CS500 and is bidirectional. Data you have recently edited either in RCX5/RCX3/CS500 or are synchronized and taken into use in both. To sync your training data with web service you'll need

How do I sync?

  1. To avoid disturbances during sync, turn off active Bluetooth and WiFi connections and remove the heart rate sensor if you happen to be wearing it.
  2. Download Polar WebSync software and install the software. Installation wizard will help you.
  3. Sync on PC or Mac. The more you have data in your training computer the longer the data synchronization takes. Deleting already-transferred files off your heart rate monitor will help speed things up.

If you already have a Polar Account, login to and fill in the required information before syncing for the first time.

Optimal distance between DataLink and training computer during data transfer is under 3m / 9.84ft.

See example video

Syncing your training results to web service is easy.


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