If exercise data is not shown in ProTrainer 5

If you cannot see exercise data in your software Calendar view, please check that

  • the date on your heart rate monitor is correct. If the date is wrong, the data will appear on the wrong day in the software!
  • you can find the exercise on the desired date in the heart rate monitor File menu.
  • you are looking at the correct date in the software.
  • your user settings on your heart rate monitor are correct and that they match the user settings in the software. This is to determine that the exercise file(s) are synced with the correct user's Calendar.

​When Find correct person automatically is enabled, the software automatically checks the Polar software user that matches the user settings found on the heart rate monitor. To enable/disable Find correct person automatically go to Options Preferences Transfer Data.

  • the exercise (*.hrm) and day files (*.pdd) are found in your person folder → year folder.

    Default location for this folder is
    On Windows Vista /7: C:\Users\Public\Polar ProTrainer
    On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Polar ProTrainer

If you have ProTrainer 5 version 5.35.165 or earlier or if version 5.35.165 is updated via automatic updater, by default the location is at C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar ProTrainer\person folder\year folder

  1. The *.hrm file follows the format: yymmdd01.hrm (y=year, m=month, d=day, and 01 = the ordinal number of the exercise for the day).
  2. The *.pdd file follows the format: yyyymmdd.pdd (y=year, m=month, d=day)
    *.pdd file needs to exist for each day there is training data available. Without this file, no exercise data is shown in ProTrainer 5 calendar for that day.