Calibrating Polar LOOK Kéo Power system

Kéo Power is automatically calibrated before each training session. During calibration transmitters measure zero power values. Calibration guarantees that the effects of environmental changes (e.g. temperature) are minimized to get the best possible measurement accuracy.
If temperature changes during training by 10°C / 18°F or more, Kéo Power needs to be re-calibrated.

To enable automatic calibration

  1. Switch power on by pressing and holding LEFT transmitter button for one second. A blinking red light indicates the transmitter is on.

  2. Make sure the bike is properly supported. Do not touch the bike during calibration - for min. 2 seconds. Calibration is complete when green light blinks on both sensors.

  3. After calibration, the crank length light blinks for 30 seconds showing your crank length. If the calibration fails, a static red light is shown for 5 seconds and the transmitters switch off.

If calibration is interrupted, measured power values will be incorrect.
Take your transmitters to the training environment at least 15 minutes before use.

If automatic calibration fails
  • Make sure there is no load on the pedal.

  • Re-start P5 transmitters.

If these do not help, change the batteries to P5 transmitters. If the calibration still fails, please contact your local Polar distributor or Service Center. For contact information, click here.

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