Polar Vantage M/Vantage V with Stryd running power meter

Stryd is a third-party running power sensor that provides the following metrics to help analyze and develop your running performance: power, form power, elevation, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, leg stiffness, pace and distance. For detailed instructions on setting up Stryd, running with Stryd and analyzing running power metrics with Stryd’s PowerCenter see

What Stryd running metrics are supported in Vantage M/Vantage V?

During a training session you can see power, pace, altitude, cadence and distance.

Add power and other running metrics to your sport profile training views in the Polar Flow web service. See How can I edit sport profiles in Polar Flow? for detailed instructions.

Your route is recorded with the GPS on your watch. You can see your route on map in the Flow app and web service after your session.

Pair Stryd with Vantage M/Vantage V

  1. Go to General Settings > Pair and sync > Pair sensor or other device and press OK.
  2. The watch starts searching for your sensor. Touch your sensor with the watch and wait for it to be found.
  3. Once the sensor is found, the device ID is displayed. Press OK to start pairing.
  4. Pairing completed is displayed when you are done.

When the Vantage V is paired with Stryd, it uses the Stryd as the primary source of running power. The watch will automatically start searching for the Stryd sensor when you start a running session. If at some point you want to use Vantage V's wrist-based Running Power to measure your running power, it's recommended to unpair the Stryd sensor. This way, the watch doesn’t try to find the missing Stryd sensor but starts measuring your running power from the wrist right away.

Train with Vantage M/Vantage V and Stryd

  1. On Vantage M/Vantage V press and hold OK.
  2. Choose a running type sport profile and wait until the watch finds the sensor signal (the circle around the running sensor icon turns green).
  3. Press OK to start your session.
  4. When you start running Stryd will activate and power metrics will be displayed on your watch.

What Stryd running metrics are supported in the Flow web service?

Metrics supported include power, pace, altitude, cadence and distance.

How to export Stryd running power metrics from Polar Flow

  1. Go to Diary.
  2. Click a training session to open it.
  3. Click Export session at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose TCX file.

Note that the TCX export only includes the metrics shown in Flow (power, pace, altitude, cadence and distance).

How to sync Stryd running metrics to Stryd PowerCenter

Stryd PowerCenter is a specialized platform to train with power. By exporting your running data to PowerCenter you get new tools to analyze your runs. In PowerCenter you can view power, form power, elevation, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, leg stiffness, pace and distance. See for help on getting started with Stryd PowerCenter.

  1. After a running session with Stryd, first sync your data from the Stryd sensor to the Stryd app. This is done by tapping  in top left corner in the Stryd app.
  2. The data is then automatically synced to PowerCenter.
  3. Sign into PowerCenter at with your Stryd account to view the data.

How to export Stryd running metrics to Training Peaks

  1. Sign into PowerCenter at with Stryd your account.
  2. Choose Connect from the tab.
  3. Choose Connect under Exports to TrainingPeaks.
  4. Sign into TrainingPeaks with your TrainingPeaks account and authorize Stryd to upload files to your account.

Every time new data is synced to PowerCenter it will also be automatically exported to your TrainingPeaks account.

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