New Polar Flow sport profiles

We have added new sport profiles in Flow. They are freely available in the Flow web service and in the Flow app. Check the related support document on how to add the new sport profiles to your Polar device.

The new sport profiles are:

  • Car racing
  • Climbing (outdoor)
  • Cross-country running
  • Curling
  • Electric biking
  • Enduro
  • Hard enduro
  • Kettlebell
  • Motocross
  • Motor sports
  • Padel
  • Road racing
  • Skateboarding
  • Snocross
  • SUP
  • Taekwondo
  • Water running
  • Water sports

Some of our watches need at minimum a certain firmware version to be able to show them. We recommend using the latest firmware version with your watch. If needed, FlowSync or Flow app will prompt you to update your device when you sync it. Here are the watches with the minimum supported versions needed for the new sport profiles:

Grit X Ignite Unite Vantage M Vantage V Vantage V2
2.0.12 2.1.5 2.0.7 5.2.0 5.2.0 3.0.16


Frequently asked questions about the new sport profiles

I can't I see the new sport profile icon with the new sport in my watch, what's wrong?

Your watch is fine. Unfortunately, some of our devices show only a generic other sports icon with the new sport profile name. Even without the specific icon, the new sport profile will track all the necessary data of your training session.

Which watches are able to show the new sport profile icons?

All our devices show the new sport profiles, but only these show the new sport profiles with their specific icons: M200, M400, M430, M460, Pacer, Pacer Pro.


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