My swimming metrics are inaccurate. What could be the problem?

Are you wearing the sensor correctly?

Distance and pace calculations are based on the set pool length and detected turns. The sensor detects swimming turns with an integrated gyroscope. To get the most accurate swimming metrics, it is crucial that you wear the sensor correctly by following the instructions below. If the sensor is worn incorrectly the data gathered from your swim will be flawed.

  1. Place the sensor into the swimming goggle strap clip with the lens facing up.
  2. Attach the clip onto your swimming goggles strap. Position the clip onto your swimming goggles strap so that the sensor sits on your right temple with the button facing up.

  3. The lens should touch the bare skin of your temple. Attach the sensor as far as you can on your temple without getting your hair between the sensor and your skin.

Are you using the correct training mode?

Swimming metrics are only calculated when using the swimming mode. For instructions, see How to use Polar Verity Sense in swimming mode.

Have you set the correct the pool length?

To successfully calculate swimming metrics the pool length information must be accurate.

You can set the default pool length for swimming distance and pace calculations from the Polar Flow app settings. If necessary, you can change the pool length setting from the training analysis view, and the swimming metrics will be updated accordingly

Tips for accurate results

  • Do not start recording your training session until you are in the pool, however, avoid pushing the button under water. When you finish the training session, do not stop recording your session straight away. Wait for a while so that the last pool length will be included in the calculation.
  • You should not turn by swimming as the sensor cannot recognize the turn in that case. Remember this for example if you have two lanes at your disposal or otherwise would like to turn by swimming. The important thing about the turn is that you clearly change your direction back to where you came from. How you actually turn is not relevant.
  • Make sure you have the latest firmware update installed on your sensor. Whenever there is a new firmware version available for your sensor, you will be prompted to install the update either by the FlowSync software on your computer or by the Polar Flow app on your phone.

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