Plan detailed routes on maps with komoot and transfer the routes to your watch for turn-by-turn route guidance on the go! Whether road cycling, hiking, bikepacking or mountain biking, komoot’s superior planning and navigation technology allows you to easily discover more of the great outdoors.

Create a komoot account if you don't have one. When you sign up for komoot, you get a free region to test all of their core features. Komoot recommends to unlock your home region as your free region. Then connect komoot to Polar Flow, and get your komoot routes on your watch. Every time you sync your watch your Flow routes sync back to komoot automatically.

If your Flow training routes are not transferred to komoot automatically, you need to disconnect and reconnect the connection from Flow settings.

For help using Komoot, see their support site at

Komoot routes require 1 second GPS recording rate. It cannot be used with 1 minute or 2 minute recording rates.

Connect your komoot and Polar Flow accounts

First, make sure you have a Polar Flow account and a komoot account. You can connect your komoot and Polar Flow accounts in the Polar Flow web service or in the Polar Flow app.

In the Polar Flow web service go to Settings > Partners > Komoot > Connect.


In the Polar Flow app go to General Settings > Connect > Komoot > Connect.

After connecting your komoot and Polar Flow accounts, all of your planned komoot tours that start in a region that you have unlocked in your Komoot account will be synced to your favorites in Flow. Respectively all your Flow training routes sync back to Komoot.

Sync komoot routes to your watch

You can choose the routes you want to transfer to your watch in the Polar Flow web service or app. Your watch can have a maximum of 100 favorites at a time. In Flow you can have a maximum of 150 routes from komoot.

In the Flow web service, click the Favorites icon on the menu bar on top of the page to enter your Favorites page.

  1. Choose the routes by clicking the selection boxes on the left of the routes list to move them to the sync list for your watch on the right. If you have planned new routes with komoot, you can update them to the routes list by clicking the button.
  2. You can change the order of the routes on the watch by dragging and dropping them. You can remove individual routes by clicking X or all routes at once by clicking CLEAR. Note that they still remain available in your favorites even if you remove them from your watch.
  3. Sync your watch to save your changes to it.

In the Flow app, go to Devices menu and onto the device page. Scroll down the page and tap Add/remove to see your current favorites on the watch.

  1. You can reorder the routes on the watch by tapping and holding (iOS)/ (Android) on the right and dragging the routes where you want them.
  2. To add or remove a route, tap Add/remove again to access all your favorites.
  3. You can sort the favorites by Name, Modified and Type.
  4. To remove a route from the watch, turn the switch to left. To add a route, turn the switch to right.
  5. Sync your watch with the app to save the changes.


For more information on managing your favorites in the Polar Flow web service and app, see Manage favorites and training targets in Polar Flow.

Start a session with a komoot route

  1. In pre-training mode, press the LIGHT button or tap to enter the quick menu.
  2. Choose Routes from the list, and pick the komoot route you want to do. The closest route is shown first.
  3. Choose where you want to start the route: Start point or Mid-route.
  4. Choose the sport profile you want to use, and start your session.
  5. Your watch will guide you to the route. Route start found is displayed when you reach it, and then you're ready to go.

Your watch guides you through your route with turn-by-turn instructions.

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