How to use your Polar product securely

Polar offers a minimum of five years of product support service to its customers from the sales start of the product. Product support service includes necessary firmware updates to Polar devices and fixes for critical vulnerability as required. Polar constantly monitors the releases of known vulnerabilities. Please update your Polar product regularly, and as soon as the Polar Flow mobile application or Polar FlowSync computer software informs you about the availability of a new firmware version.

Training session data and other data saved on your Polar device include sensitive information about you such as your name, physical information, overall health and location. Location data can be used to track you when you are out training and to find out what your usual routes are. For these reasons use extra caution when storing your device when not using it.

If you use phone notifications on your wrist device, be aware that messages from certain applications will be projected on the wrist device display. Your latest messages can also be viewed from the device menu. To ensure the confidentiality of your private messages, refrain from using the phone notifications feature.

Before handing the device over to a third party for testing or before selling it, it is necessary to perform a factory reset on the device, and to remove the device from your Polar Flow account. A factory reset can be performed with the FlowSync software on your computer. A factory reset will clear the device memory, and the device cannot be linked to your data anymore. To remove the device from your Polar Flow account, sign into the Polar Flow web service, choose products and click the Remove button next to the product you wish to remove.

The same training sessions are also stored on your mobile device with the Polar Flow application. For extra security, various security enhancing options can be enabled on your mobile device such as strong authentication and device encryption. Consult the user manual of your mobile device for instructions on enabling these options.

When using the Polar Flow web service, we recommend using a password that is no less than 12 characters in length. If using the Polar Flow web service on a public computer, please remember to clear the cache and browsing history in order to prevent others from accessing your account. In addition, do not allow a computer’s browser to store or remember your password for the Polar Flow web service if it is not your private computer. We highly recommend to use supported browsers and latest versions.

Any security issues can be reported to security(a) or to Polar Customer Care.

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