Can I use Vantage M/Vantage V when swimming?

Yes, your Vantage M/Vantage V is suitable for swimming.

Your watch automatically measures your heart rate from your wrist with the new Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology, offering an easy and comfortable way to measure your heart rate while swimming. Although water may prevent the wrist-based heart rate measurement from working optimally, the accuracy of Polar Precision Prime is sufficient to allow you monitor your average heart rate and heart rate zones during your swimming sessions, get accurate calorie burn readings, your Training Load from the session and the Training Benefit feedback based on your heart rate zones.

To ensure the best possible accuracy of your heart rate data, it’s important to wear the watch snugly on your wrist (even more snugly than in other sports).

Note that you can't use a Polar heart rate sensor with a chest strap with the Vantage M/Vantage V when swimming because Bluetooth doesn't work in water.

Check the water resistance details of your watch from the Technical specification chapter in the Vantage M User manual or Vantage V User manual.

For information on Swimming metrics, see the Swimming Metrics chapter in the Vantage M User manual or Vantage V User manual.

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