Support Materials

Polar Active quick guide poster
A step-by-step guide that lets you see at a glance how to check activity results files from the Polar Active activity monitor. Download PDF

Activity zone poster
This poster is a great help for teaching the benefits of different activity levels needed for a healthy lifestyle. Download PDF

Activity progress poster
Help your students keep track of their progress by coloring in the same progress bars as seen on their activity monitors, making it easy to track and draw a trend for each child.12 students can use one poster. Download PDF

Lessons for Life teacher’s guidebook
Learn the benefits of activity and heart rate monitoring, and get advice on how to use the monitors in your own classes and incorporate them into your lesson plans. The book is available as an environmental friendly e-version and will be published as a print version as well. See preview

Polar Active user manual
This includes full instructions on how to use the Polar Active activity monitor. The user manual is available for quick access via the internet in an easy-to-use HTML format.