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The new automatic sign in feature makes signing in to a class effortless for the members who use their own Polar device and have signed in to a class through the Polar Club app at least once at the club. All they need to do is wear their heart rate sensor or wrist device, and if they wear a wrist device, choose a sport profile that has the Heart rate visible to other devices feature on (this is a default feature on the group exercise sport profiles). When they come into a class, they are automatically signed in without any action needed on the iPad.

How it works

The automatic sign in feature is on by default and will automatically start when you open the exerciser view.

The animation in the bottom right corner of the screen indicates that the automatic sign in is in progress.

The participants will see the following message on the external screen when the automatic sign-in is in progress:

Automatic sign in is in progress. Can't see your name? Try coming closer or contacting the instructor.

Even with the automatic sign-in turned on, you can add participants also manually. If someone is missing from the screen, invite the participant closer, and make sure they are wearing their device correctly. If they are still missing, you can add them by tapping Add > Add attendee and choosing the sensor for them.

If there's a new participant who uses their own Polar device but hasn't signed in to a class through the Polar Club app before, the Polar Club app can still detect the heart rate signal from their device. The app will notify you of the new participant with the following message: New participant! Please invite the participant closer, so you can help them sign in.

Tap the new participant's card to open a view where the participant can confirm the sign in with their account and you can add the participant to the class.

If the participant is not added, the card will be removed when you start the class.

Automatic sign-in only works when the Polar Club app is in the exerciser view. Once you have started the session, you can only add participants manually.

You can turn the automatic sign-in feature on or off by using the slider in the exerciser view. If you turn the feature off, the Polar Club app will remember your choice the next time you open the same class with the same iPad.

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