Voice guidance

The voice guidance feature helps you focus on your training by providing relevant training data straight to your headphones. It removes the need to look at the watch during the workout. The information you get in audio format includes lap details, changes in heart rate, and guidance during training phases. To use the voice guidance feature, you need to have the Flow app running on your phone, and it also needs to be paired with your watch. For instructions, see Pairing a mobile device with your watch.

You can set the voice guidance feature on in the Flow app device settings. In the Flow app, go to Devices and choose Polar Vantage V3 if you have more than one Polar device. Scroll down to Voice guidance, tap it open and turn the feature on. Then choose what type of information is included in the voice guidance:

  • Choose Training guidance to get guidance during the phases of your training targets and daily training suggestions.

  • Choose Laps to hear the lap details when you take a lap manually or a lap is automatically taken based on duration, distance or location.

  • Choose Zones to find out about changes in your heart rate.

Note that in addition to the information you choose from the above options, you will receive audio feedback when

  • you start, pause, continue or stop the training session and when you receive a training summary

  • real-time connection between phone and watch is lost/recovered

  • the watch battery is low

For more information, see the support document Voice Guidance in Polar Flow app.