Training summary

After training

You'll get a summary of your training session on your watch right after you've stopped training. Get a more detailed and illustrated analysis in the Polar Flow app or in the Polar Flow web service.

The information shown in your summary depends on the sport profile and data collected. For example, your training summary can include the following information:

Start time and date

Duration of the session

Distance covered in the session

Heart rate

Your average and maximum heart rate during the session.

Your Cardio load from the session

Heart rate zones 

Training time spent in different heart rate zones

Energy used

Energy used during the session




For more information, see Energy Sources


Average and maximum pace/speed of the session

Running Index: Your running performance class and numerical value. Find out more from chapter Running Index.

Speed zones

Training time spent in different speed zones


Your average and maximum cadence for the session

Running cadence is measured with a built-in accelerometer from your wrist movements. Cycling cadence is shown if you have a Polar Cadence Sensor Bluetooth® Smart in use.


Maximum altitude during the session

Ascended meters/feet during the session

Descended meters/feet during the session


Average power

Maximum power

Muscle load

Power zones

Training time spent in different power zones

Running power is measured from the wrist when using a running type sport profile and GPS is available. Cycling power is shown when using a cycling type sport profile and you have an external cycling power sensor in use.

Hill Splitter

Total number of uphills and downhills

Total uphill and downhill distance

Press OK to view ascent/descent details per hill

For more information, see Hill Splitter

Laps/Automatic laps

The number of laps, your best lap and average duration of laps.

You can scroll through the following details by pressing OK:

  • Duration of each lap (the best lap is highlighted in yellow)

  • Distance of each lap

  • Average and maximum heart rate of each lap in the color of the heart rate zone

  • Average speed/pace of each lap

Multisport Summary

Multisport summary includes an overall summary of the session as well as sport specific summaries, which include duration and distance covered in the sport.

To view your training summaries later on your watch:

From the watch face, swipe left or right to navigate to the Weekly summary view, and then tap the display. Browse to the training session you want to view by swiping up or down and tap the training session to open the summary. Your watch can contain a maximum of 20 training summaries.


Training data in the Polar Flow App

Your watch syncs with the Polar Flow app automatically after you finish a training session if your phone is within the Bluetooth range. You can also sync your training data manually from the watch to the Flow app by pressing and holding the button of your watch when you're signed in to the Flow app and your phone is within the Bluetooth range. In the app you can analyze your data at a glance after each session. The app allows you to see a quick overview of your training data.

For more information, see Polar Flow App.

Training data in the Polar Flow Web Service

Analyze every detail of your training and learn more about your performance. Follow your progress and also share your best sessions with others.

For more information, see Polar Flow Web Service.