SpO2 measurement

The SpO2 measurement feature uses pulse oximeter technology to estimate the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your body needs a constant supply of oxygen to perform properly. Your blood oxygen level (SpO2) shows how much oxygen your blood carries compared to its full capacity (100%). When you're at sea level and at rest, SpO2 between 95 % and 100 % is considered normal. Because of lower atmospheric pressure, SpO2 is lower at higher altitudes.

You can measure SpO2 conveniently from your wrist whenever you want in just 35 seconds. Regular SpO2 measurement allows you to monitor your usual SpO2 level in everyday life under normal circumstances. Knowing your usual level can help you understand how your body adapts to certain situations, such as high altitudes. If you're training at varying altitudes, you can use this measurement to monitor how your SpO2 changes and your body adapts to new altitude.

The SpO2 measurement feature is not intended for any medical use, diagnosis, or treatment as such (including self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor) and the data should not be used for any medical purpose.

Measuring SpO2

For accurate measurement, we advise you to wear the watch at least ten minutes before the measurement. Make sure your hand is not cold and you're wearing your watch snugly. Keep your body still during the measurement. If you perform the measurement after training, it is recommended to rest for at least ten minutes before starting the measurement to allow your body to return to its normal state. Perform the measurement in similar conditions every time. For more information, see the support document SpO2 measurement.

  1. Wear your watch snugly on top of your wrist, about a finger's width from the wrist bone.
  2. On your watch, go to Tests > SpO2, and then tap Measure now.
  3. Keep your arm steady and relaxed until the timer runs out.

After the measurement, the following results will be displayed on your watch:

  • Your blood oxygen level as a percentage.
  • Altitude: Altitude during the measurement.
  • Verbal description of your blood oxygen level: Your SpO2 is normal (95-100%) - Your SpO2 is below normal (90-94%) - Your SpO2 is low (<90%).

You can view your latest result on your watch in Tests > SpO2 > Latest result.

If the test fails, try moving your watch higher on your wrist. You can also try wearing the watch on your other wrist to see if that helps.

SpO2 measurements in the Polar Flow app

Sync your watch with the Polar Flow app to see your SpO2 measurements in the app.

Note that you must sync your watch using the Flow app. SpO2 measurements cannot be synced using the Polar FlowSync software on your computer.

You can check the SpO2 measurements for the current day from the Diary. Tapping the card opens a more detailed SpO2 measurement view. Tapping the list icon opens your previous SpO2 measurements in the calendar search view.

Learn more about SpO2 measurement.