Quick settings

Quick settings menu

Swipe down from the top of the display in time view to pull down the Quick settings menu. Swipe left or right to browse and tap to choose a feature.

Tap to customize what features you want to see in the quick settings menu. Choose from Alarm, Countdown timer, Do not disturb, Flight mode and Flashlight.

  • Alarm: Set alarm repetition: Off, Once, Monday to Friday or Every day. If you choose Once, Monday to Friday or Every day, also set the time for the alarm.
  • Countdown timer: Swipe up or down to set the countdown time, and tap the green tick to confirm and start the countdown timer.
  • Do not disturb: Tap the do not disturb icon to switch it on and tap again to switch it off. When do not disturb is switched on, you will not get any notifications or call alerts. Also, the backlight activation gesture is disabled.
  • Flight mode: Tap the flight mode icon to switch it on and tap again to switch it off. Flight mode cuts off all wireless communication from your watch. You can still use it, but you can't sync your data with the Polar Flow mobile app or use it with any wireless accessories.
  • Flashlight: Tap the flashlight icon to activate flashlight mode. The display will light up at maximum brightness. To turn off the flashlight, press the BACK button.

Battery status icon shows how much charge is left in the battery.