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Changeable wristbands

Personalize the look of your Polar Vantage V2 premium multisport watch with a new wristband. Choose your favorite from the collection of fresh two-shade colorways.

Changing the wristband

We recommend using a ballpoint pen to help detach the wristband.

  1. To detach the band, push the pin out carefully. Use a retractable ballpoint pen with the nib retracted.
  2. Set the tip of the ballpoint pen on the pin, and push the pin out of the band.
  3. Remove the band.
  4. Put the new band into place, and then insert the pin into the pin hole on the band, and push it firmly into place with ballpoint pen. Make sure the knob on the pin is the right way around.
  5. Make sure the pin is pushed all the way and you're all set.