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Wristband adapter

The Polar Vantage V2 wristband adapters make your watch compatible with any standard 22 mm band with spring bars. Choose your favorite wristband from Polar’s selection or use any other watch band that uses 22 mm spring bars.

Attach adapters to watch

  1. Put the adapter into place, and then insert the pin into the pin hole on the adapter, and push it firmly into place with a ballpoint pen. Make sure the knob on the pin is the right way around.
  2. Make sure the pin is pushed all the way and you're all set.

Attach 22 mm wristband to adapter

  1. Insert the pin (the opposite side of the quick-release knob) into the pin hole on the adapter.
  2. Pull the quick-release knob inwards and align the other end of the pin with the hole on the adapter.
  3. Release the knob to lock the band in place.