Work-rest guide based on your heart rate

Optimize your training rhythm and efficiency to get the best possible impact from your workouts. The Work-rest guide analyzes your heart rate during the work and rest phases of a training session to give you personalized guidance on the optimal time to start the work phase again. It automatically detects your highest heart rate during a set, and also monitors your heart rate during rest, and tells you when you are recovered enough to start your next set.

To use the Work-rest guide feature during training sessions you need to have the Work-rest guide training view added to the sport profile you wish to use it in. By default, the Work-rest guide training view is on in following sport profiles: Strength Training, Circuit Training, High-intensity interval training, Functional training, Bootcamp and Kettlebell. You can add the training view to any sport profile in the sport profile settings in the Polar Flow app or web service.

Training with Work-rest guide

Start your training session with a proper warmup to maximize the benefits of your workout. Warming up improves the effectiveness of your workout and reduces your risk of injury. Set the Work-rest guide on when you are ready to start the work phase of your training session. Swipe left or right to navigate to the Work-rest guide training view and tap Start to turn the feature on.

Guidance on the display

The Work-rest guide training view shows your current heart rate and your real-time heart rate graph. The different colors indicate the heart rate zone in which you are training in. The following instructions guide you through the work and rest phases of your session.

Raise your HR is shown if you need to raise your heart rate to start the work phase. When your heart rate rises to a sufficient level for the work phase, the text on the display changes to Work. After completing the set, your watch automatically detects that the work phase has ended, and it also automatically detects the highest heart rate reached during the work phase. You can also manually end the work phase by tapping Done.

Rest until your HR is low enough is shown on the display and the watch notifies you by vibrating when it has defined your target recovery heart rate. During the rest phase, you can see your current heart rate and target recovery heart rate on the display. The dashed line on the real-time heart rate graph represents the target heart rate. The minimum rest time is 20 seconds - if you reach the target recovery heart rate sooner, Rest for a few seconds more is displayed.

If the rest phase cannot be determined based on your heart rate, a time-based rest phase is shown. Work time ended. Time to rest. appears on the display, after which a 30-second countdown timer appears.

Work! is shown on the display and the watch notifies you by vibrating when you have recovered enough and it's time for your next set.

To turn the feature off, press the button in the Work-rest guide view. Stop Work-rest guide? is displayed. Tap to confirm. Stopping the Work-rest guide does not stop the training session.

Especially in strength training, when you are performing activities that cause extreme pressure on your wrists, such as weightlifting or pull-ups, your heart rate may be harder to detect with sufficient accuracy from the wrist. For this reason, we recommend using a Polar H10 heart rate sensor or a Polar Verity Sense optical heart rate sensor to ensure accurate heart rate measurement, and optimal function of the Work-rest guide feature.

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