Power save settings

The power save settings allow you to extend your training time by changing the GPS recording rate or setting wrist-based heart rate off. These settings let you optimize battery usage and get more training time for extra long sessions or when the battery is running low.

The power save settings are found in the quick menu. You can access the quick menu from pre-training mode, during a session when paused and during transition mode in multisport sessions by tapping the quick menu icon .

After setting on any of the power save settings, you'll see their effect on the estimated training time in pre-training mode. Note that the power save settings are set on for each session separately. The settings are not stored.

Note that the temperature affects the estimated training time. When training in cold conditions the actual training time can be less than what is indicated when starting the session.

GPS recording rate

Set the GPS recording rate to a less frequent interval (1 minute or 2 minutes). Handy in ultra-long sessions when long battery life is essential.

Note that changing the GPS recording rate to a less frequent interval may reduce the accuracy of other measurements, such as speed/pace and distance, depending on the sport profile and sensors used.

Wrist-based heart rate

Set wrist-based heart rate off. Set it off to save power when you don't necessarily need heart rate data. When using a heart rate monitor with a chest strap wrist-based heart rate is set off by default.