HR sensor mode

In heart rate sensor mode you can turn your Polar Ignite 2 into a heart rate sensor and share your heart rate with other Bluetooth devices like training apps, gym equipment or cycling computers. To use Ignite 2 in HR sensor mode, you first need to pair it with the receiving external device. Refer to receiving device's user guide for detailed pairing instructions.

To turn on the HR sensor mode:

  1. Press the button to enter the main menu and tap Start training.
  2. Swipe left or right to choose a sport profile.

    In pre-training mode, open the quick menu by tapping the quick menu icon .

    Choose Share HR with other devices.

    Choose Add a new device

  3. Activate the external device's pairing mode.
  4. Choose Ignite 2 from the external device.
  5. Accept pairing Ignite 2 with the external device.
  6. You should be able to see your heart rate in both Ignite 2 and the external device. When you’re ready, just start your session from the external device. To record your training session with your watch, return to pre-training mode and start training recording by tapping the display.

To stop sharing HR:

Choose Stop sharing. HR sharing stops also when you exit pre-training mode or stop the training recording.

If you pair your Polar watch with a wrong external device (for example iPhone) tap With iPhone, tap green tick icon to stop sharing with iPhone and then choose Add a new device again.