Watch faces and menu

Watch faces

The watch faces tell you a lot more than just the time. You'll get the most timely and relevant information right on the watch face. Choose which watch faces are shown on the display in time view. You can choose from Time only, Daily activity, Cardio load status, Continuous HR tracking, Latest training sessions, Last night's sleep, FitSpark training guide, Weather, Weekly summary, Your name, Music controls, Location and Sunrise & sunset.

You can swipe left or right, or scroll through the watch faces with the UP and DOWN buttons and open more details by pressing the display or with the OK button.

Time only

Time and date. You can customize the watch style and color.

Find out more in Watch face settings.



The circle around the watch face and the percentage below the time and date show your progress towards your daily activity goal. The circle fills with a light blue color as you are active.

In addition, when opening the details, you can see the following details of your day’s accumulated activity:

  • Steps you've taken so far. The amount and type of body movements are registered and turned into an estimation of steps.
  • Active time tells you the cumulative time of body movements that benefit your health.
  • Calories you've burned through training, activity and BMR (Basal metabolic rate: the minimum metabolic activity required to maintain life).

For more information, see 24/7 Activity tracking.


Cardio Load Status

Cardio Load Status looks at the relation between your short term training load (Strain) and long term training load (Tolerance) and based on that tells you whether you are in a detraining, maintaining, productive or overreaching training load status. When recovery tracking (Recovery Pro) is set on and enough data is available, you'll see your daily training recommendation instead of your Cardio load status on the watch face.

In addition, when opening the details, you can see the numeric values for your Cardio Load Status, Strain and Tolerance, and also a verbal description of your Cardio load status.

  • The numeric value for your Cardio load status is Strain divided by Tolerance.
  • Strain shows you how much you have strained yourself with training lately. It shows your average daily cardio load from the past 7 days.
  • Tolerance describes how prepared you are to endure cardio training. It shows your average daily cardio load from the past 28 days.
  • Verbal description of your Cardio load status.

For more information, see Training Load Pro.


Heart rate

When using the Continuous Heart Rate feature your watch continuously measures your heart rate and displays it on the Heart rate watch face.

You can check your highest and lowest heart rate readings of the day and also view what your lowest heart rate reading of the previous night was. You can turn the Continuous Heart Rate feature on and off on your watch in Settings > General settings > Continuous HR tracking.

For more information, see Continuous Heart Rate feature.

If you're not using the Continuous Heart Rate feature, you can still quickly check your current heart rate without starting a training session. Just tighten your wristband, choose this watch face, press OK and the watch will display your current heart rate in a moment. Return to the Heart rate watch face by pressing BACK.


Latest training sessions

See the time passed since your latest training session and the sport of the session.

In addition, when opening the details, you can view the summaries of your training sessions from the last 14 days. Browse to the training session you want to view with UP/DOWN and press OK to open the summary. For more information, see Training summary.


Nightly Recharge

When you wake up you can see your Nightly Recharge status. Nightly Recharge status tells you how restorative your last night was. Nightly Recharge combines information on how well your autonomic nervous system (ANS) calmed down during the early hours of your sleep (ANS charge) and how well you slept (sleep charge).

The feature is off by default. Keeping the Continuous Heart Rate feature on in your watch will drain the battery quicker. Continuous heart rate tracking needs to be enabled for Nightly Recharge to function. If you want to save battery and still use Nightly Recharge, you can set the continuous heart rate tracking to be on only at night from your watch's settings.

For more information, see Nightly Recharge™ recovery measurement or Sleep Plus Stages™ sleep tracking.



Your watch suggests the most suitable training targets for you based on your training history, fitness level and current recovery status. Press OK to see all the suggested training targets. Choose one of the suggested training targets to see detailed information about the training target.

For more information, see FitSpark daily training guide.



View the current day's hourly forecast straight from your wrist. Press OK to view more detailed weather information including for example wind speed, wind direction, humidity and chance of rain as well as tomorrow's 3-hour and the day after tomorrow's 6-hour forecast.

For more information, see Weather


Weekly summary

View an overview of your training week. Your total training time for the week split into different training zones is illustrated on the display. Press OK to open more details. You’ll see distance, training sessions, total calories and time spent in each heart rate zone. In addition, you can view last week’s summary and details as well as any sessions planned for next week.

Scroll down and press OK to view more information about a single session.


Your name

Time, date and your name is displayed.


Music controls

Control music and media playing on your phone with your watch when not training.

For more information, see Music controls



View your current altitude and heading at a glance. Press OK to see more details including your altitude profile for the past 6 hours, the coordinates of your last known location and the compass.

To calibrate your current altitude choose Calibrate and the calibration method: I'll add my current altitude, Let my phone calibrate or Use watch location.

Choose Refresh to get the coordinates of your current location. Your current location is based on GPS information.

In the compass view press OK to lock your current bearing. The display will then show the deviation from your locked bearing in red.

To calibrate the compass scroll all the way down and choose Calibrate.


Sunrise & sunset

Check when the sun rises, sun sets and the length of day for your current location. Press OK to see more details.

  • Sunset - dusk
  • Dawn - sunrise
  • Length of day

Sunrise & sunset data is automatically updated via the Flow app if you've paired your watch with it. You can also update it manually via GNSS by choosing Update.

Note that sunrise & sunset information can only be found from the sunrise & sunset watch face.

The sunrise & sunset watch face view is illustrated differently depending on whether you’re using the digital or analog watch face. The analog watch face shows the sunrise & sunset information for the next 12 hours and the digital watch face shows the sunrise & sunset information for the next 24 hours.

You can change the watch face in Settings > Watch settings > Watch face. Choose Analog or Digital. After changing the watch face the Sunrise & sunset watch face view will also be updated.

Analog (12-hour view)

Digital (24-hour view)


Enter the menu by pressing BACK and browse through the menu by pressing UP or DOWN. Confirm selections with the OK button, and return with the BACK button.

Start training

From here, you can start your training sessions. Press OK to enter the pre-training mode and browse to the sport profile you want to use.

You can also enter the pre-training mode by pressing and holding OK in the time view.

See Start a training session for detailed instructions.

Serene guided breathing exercise

First, choose Serene and then choose Start exercise to start the breathing exercise.

For more information, see Serene™ guided breathing exercise.

Strava Live Segments

Strava live segments

View information about the Strava segments synced to watch. If you haven’t connected your Flow account with a Strava account or haven’t synced any segments to your watch, you can also find guidance here.

For more information see Strava live segments.



Stay energized throughout your session with the FuelWise™ fueling assistant. FuelWise™ includes three reminders that remind you to refuel and help you maintain adequate energy levels during your long sessions. These are Smart carbs reminder, Manual carbs reminder and Drink reminder.

For more information see Fuelwise


In Timers you'll find a stopwatch and countdown timer.


To start the stopwatch, press OK. To add a lap, press OK. To pause the stopwatch, press BACK.

Countdown Timer

You can set the countdown timer to count down from a preset time. Choose Set Timer, and set the countdown time, and press OK to confirm. When completed, choose Start and press OK to start the countdown timer.

The countdown timer is added to the basic watch face with time and date.

At the end of the countdown, the watch notifies you by vibrating. Press OK to restart the timer, or press BACK to cancel and return to the time view.

During training you can use interval timer and countdown timer. Add the timer views to training views in the sport profile settings in Flow and sync the settings to your watch. For more information on using timers during training, see During training

Watch face views

Choose which watch faces are shown on the display in time view. You can choose from Time only, Daily activity, Cardio load status, Continuous HR tracking, Latest training sessions, Last night's sleep, FitSpark training guide, Weather, Weekly summary, Your name, Music controls, Location and Sunrise & sunset.

You need to choose at least one view.


In Tests you'll find Orthostatic test, Leg recovery test, Cycling test, Running test and Fitness test

Orthostatic test

You can take the Orthostatic test (H10 heart rate sensor needed), view your latest results compared to your average and reset the test period.

See Orthostatic test for detailed instructions.

Leg recovery test

The Leg Recovery Test tells you whether your legs are ready for high intensity training in just a couple of minutes without any specialist equipment – all you need is your watch.

For more information see Leg Recovery Test.

Cycling test

The Cycling Performance Test allows you to personalize your power zones and tells you your personal functional threshold power. Cycling power sensor required.

For more information see Cycling Performance Test.

Running test

The Running Performance Test helps you keep track of your progress and personalize your heart rate, speed and power zones.

For more information see Running Performance Test.

Fitness Test

Measure your fitness level easily with wrist-based heart rate while you lie down and relax.

For more information, see Fitness Test with wrist-based heart rate.



You can edit the following settings on your watch:

  • General settings

  • Watch face settings

  • Choose views

  • Time & date

  • Physical settings

In addition to the settings available on your watch, you can edit Sport Profiles in the Polar Flow web service and app. Customize your watch with your favorite sports and the information you want to follow during your training sessions. See Sport Profiles in Flow for more information.