Race pace

The race pace feature helps you to keep a steady pace and achieve your target time for a set distance. Define a target time for the distance - 45 minutes for a 10k run for example and follow how far behind or ahead you are compared to your pre-set target.

Race pace can be set on your watch, or you can also set a Race Pace target in the Flow web service or app, and sync it to your watch.

If you have scheduled race pace target for that day, your watch suggests you to start it when entering pre-training mode.

Create a race pace target on your watch

You can create race pace target from the Quick menu in pre-training mode.

  1. Enter pre-training mode by pressing and holding OK in time view or by pressing BACK to enter the main menu and choose Start training
  2. In pre-training mode tap the Quick menu icon or press the LIGHT button.
  3. Choose Race pace from the list and set the distance and duration. Press OK to confirm. The watch displays the pace/speed required to meet your target time and then returns to pre-training mode where you can start the training session.

Create a race pace target in the Flow web service

  1. In the Flow web service, go to Diary, and click Add > Training target.
  2. In Add training target, choose Sport, and enter a Target name (maximum 45 digits), Date and Time and any Notes (optional) you want to add.
  3. Choose Race Pace.
  4. Fill in two of the following values: Duration, Distance or Race Pace. You get the third one automatically.
  5. Click Add to favorites to add the target to your list of favorites, if you want.
  6. Click Save to add the target to your Diary.

Sync the target to your watch via FlowSync, and your ready to go.